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Published articles

Margarita Woodbury, M.D. adult, adolescent, child psychiatrist

I have published papers on pediatric and adult psychiatry that cover topics such as anxiety in children, recurrent abdominal pain, antipsychotic medication side-effects, and integrated medical and psychiatric approaches for depression and AD/HD. These papers offer insights and strategies for clinicians, caregivers, and families alike.


Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Child Patients Seen at a Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic: Observations of 50 Children and Their Families by Margarita Woodbury, M.D.

Recurrent abdominal pain is a common patient complaint in general pediatric and gastroenterology clinics. Various psychiatric problems have been noted in the children, adolescents, and parents of children who present with nonorganic recurrent abdominal pain. This article reviews the stressors, psychopathology, and biopsychosocial treatment of 50 patients with recurrent abdominal pain who were referred from a pediatric gastroenterology clinic to their psychiatric consultant over a 3-year period. The salient literature is also reviewed and thoughts for future research are outlined.

Case Study: Neuroleptic-Induced Catatonia as a Stage in the Progression toward Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

by Margarita Woodbury, M.D. and Michel Woodbury, M.D.

Neuroleptic-induced catatonia is reported in an adolescent patient who responded successfully to lorazepam. The authors propose five discrete stages toward the progression of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, each with a separate treatment.

Case Study: An Integrated Medical and Psychiatric Approach to Conversion Symptoms in a Four-Year-Old by Margarita Woodbury M.D., David Ray Demaso M.D., Stuart J. Goldman M.D.

Conversion disorder is a challenging diagnosis in children and adolescents. Medical and psychiatric diagnoses need to be evaluated both separately and in relation to each other. This case highlights both the diagnostic criteria for a conversion disorder in a young child and the need for an integrated medical and psychiatric approach by physicians.

Neuropsychiatric Development: Two Case Reports About the Use of Dietary Fish Oils and/or Choline Supplementation in Children by Margarita Woodbury, M.D. et al.

Choline supplementation has been used with moderate success in subgroups of adult patients with neuropsychiatric and medical problems. The dietary fish oils have also been used in adults with hypercholesterolemia. We report on two young children with multiple neurodevelopmental delays, one who responded to choline and eicosapentaenoic acid, and the other to choline alone. A brief discussion about choline's metabolic pathways and benefits is included.

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